Family Law Attorney

When dealing with issues that impact your children, financial standing, and personal life, the decision-making process can be even more difficult. You need a compassionate, experienced family law attorney that understands your situation and the proper legal actions to take. SPH Law Group is a local legal team that is committed to helping Oklahoma families find an ideal situation suitable for all parties involved. 

Since each case is unique, our family law attorneys strive to educate our clients on their rights and work to resolve the legal issues with their goals in mind. Whether you are looking for, short or long term solutions, SPH Law Group is here to work closely with you every step of the way. 

How a Family Law Attorney Can Help

Whether you are dealing with issues concerning your personal life, children, or spouse, our family law attorneys can help make the decision-process less stressful. If you are needing representation in any of the legal matters below, we can help. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation and free case review.

Prenuptial Agreements

Having a sound prenuptial agreement prior to marriage is beneficial in establishing the expectations and objections of both parties. By working together, the individuals involved can come to an understanding of opinions and rights. This agreement will only strengthen the present bond and support open communication.

  • Establish and protect separate property during property division
  • Define separate and marital property
  • Decide how to handle debt
  • Decide on spousal support 

Child Custody 

At SPH Law Group, we want to protect the relationship you have with your children. The process of determining custody can have long-lasting effects on not just you but your children as well. There are many factors that influence child custody such as:

  • The ability of parents to care for the child
  • How active each parent is in the child’s life
  • Ability of parents to provide stability to the children
  • Desires of the minor child (12 and over is not determinative, but a factor)
  • Any history of abuse (physical, psychological, or drug/alcohol) or domestic violence

Each case requires a customized approach to navigate the family courts. We strive to help in coming to a favorable conclusion for both you and your child. 


Even if one parent does not have physical custody of the child, they can still be allowed visitation periods. We can help in creating a set schedule for when the parents can see the child and explain how these visitations will impact that relationship. 


Regardless of the challenges your divorce proposes, we will provide straightforward and comforting counseling. We can help answer questions over contested vs uncontested divorce, how assets are divided, and how annulments work. Our family law attorneys can provide exceptional representation to help you move forward.  


Whether you are a first time parent or wanting to grow your family through adoption, we want to help in giving a child a loving and stable home environment. Paperwork can seem overwhelming, but with our guidance, we ensure that your journey to parenthood is as stress free as possible. 

Family Matters

Family law involves highly-emotional issues, and it can be hard to keep up with these life changes. This particular area of practice requires a deep understanding of court rules and how to apply those rules to each case. If you have questions about alimony, adoption, or child custody, contact us so that we can provide the necessary support and guidance to better understand your options. 

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