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Defending Your Interests

Compensation and benefits are provided to employees for certain on-the-job injuries and occupational diseases. When workers file a claim against your business and insurance carrier, you need experienced and dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys on your side. For both the employer and employee, it is important to understand workers’ compensation laws in your state. Our team has sixty combined years of experience representing clients ranging from small, local businesses to national and international corporations and insurance carriers. We understand that a work-related injury claim and the employment relationship are inseparable. At SPH Law Group, we can help represent your business in these claims.

Some situations can make it difficult to decide whether the injury was work-related. Our workers’ compensation attorneys are committed to ensuring your business is protected. We serve as your company’s and insurance carrier’s liaison, providing legal services beyond defense of workers’ compensation claims with the goal of minimizing claim exposure and litigation costs. We help with settlement negotiations, mediation, and hearings before the Oklahoma Workers Compensation Commission and the Court of Existing Claims.


While cases do not always result in a lawsuit, there are steps that businesses and insurance carriers can take to ensure the claim is handled properly. In the event that an individual has filed a claim against your business, involving an attorney to assist you will help regulate legal matters. 

Claims against your business can impact finances and involve multiple entities such as the employee, medical practitioners, and insurance carriers. For these reasons, it is best to involve an attorney that understands the legalities of the situation and help you navigate the process.

Common Workers’ Compensation Cases

Filing a Claim

If the workers’ compensation claim is denied, your employee can file a claim in the Oklahoma Worker’s Compensation Commission. This is where we step in to help counsel you on the best ways to handle the claim.

Rejecting Benefits

Once the workers’ comp claim has been filed, the incident or injury is then reported to designated authorities within their state. In some cases, an employee will accept the workers’ compensation benefits and not take further action. However, if the benefits are rejected, then the employee has the right to pursue a lawsuit against your business. 


Most companies should carry at least the minimum required workers’ compensation insurance coverage in their state. If you’re unsure about Oklahoma’s requirements, contact our attorneys today. In the event an employee is injured on the job, you want to ensure your business has the proper insurance coverage. Otherwise, you can be held liable for medical costs or potentially face fines from the state.


Mediation is an informal meeting between the parties, their attorneys, and a mutually selected mediator. This meeting can be agreed upon by both parties. Since this is an informal meeting, there are no legally binding agreements made by the mediator nor are there any statements made during the meeting that can be used against any party at a trial or hearing. From this point, the mediator will attempt to negotiate a settlement between the parties.

Reasons An Employee Would Hire An Attorney

Depending on the situation, the severity of your employee’s injury or illness will be categorized into either medical only, temporary disability, permanent disability, or death. While they have rights, they also have the responsibility of reporting the injury or illness as soon as possible.


Medical only cases are quite common and cover expenses regarding doctor visits, prescriptions, and rehabilitation treatment. If any issues about medical bills or entitlements arise, get in touch with our attorneys to resolve the dispute. It’s important to remember that your employee should report the injury or illness as soon as possible.

Temporary Disability

If your employee suffers from an injury at work that prevents them from working, workers’ compensation can provide temporary disability while the employee is off work. Sometimes work-related injuries require multiple or ongoing treatments. If you have questions regarding which policies cover these costs, schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.


In the extreme and unfortunate case that involves the death of your employee, workers’ compensation can help cover funeral costs or provide death benefits to the employee’s beneficiaries.

Ensuring Your Success

Defending a Workers Compensation claim can be complicated and stressful. To avoid delays that could cost your company and insurance company time and money, retain a lawyer so you have the advantage of properly documenting your defense. If you have had a claim filed against your business or insurance carrier, contact SPH Law Group to schedule a consultation or get immediate legal help.

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